Updated: May 28

I saw Refused play what could have been one of their last shows in 1998. They were on tour with a DC band named Frodus in the US playing some pretty darn small places. Pretty sure there were about 50 people there. They didn't seem very happy. I guess they weren't . Refused broke up on that tour. Although I had been seeing and listening to this band since the early 90's, for some reason over the next 14 years I heard their name and the record they left in the dust, The Shape Of Punk To Come, more times then probably any band or record of that era other than maybe Nirvana. Then miraculously in 2012 they returned. How could this be? Why? Many criticized the band, who were traditionally known for there radical left and anti-capitalist politics, saying that they were doing it for the money. But the thirst for this band that grew during their drought was so powerful that it didn't really matter why they were back or how. The only question was would they deliver. Could they possibly live up to the expectations. The answer is Yes. And after conducting this interview I have to say I'm pretty confident I know why they are back and better than ever. Because their thirst for Refused may just be more powerful than ours.

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