Clutch's Jean Paul Gaster on being musician in today's musical economy.

Love'em, leave'em, or never'erd of 'em, Clutch is undeniably one of the most fiercely hardworking bands in hard rock. Since 1991, or thereabouts, the quartet originally hailing from Germantown, Maryland have blazed a trail across the world, slowly but surely winning a loyal fanbase captivated by their one-of-a-kind take on hardcore, stoner rock, and heavy blues. In the process, they have been simultaneously dogmatic in pursuing their artistic vision while while pragmatic and democratic in their professional decision making process.

In 2008, for the second time, decided to start their own label, Weathermaker Music. Drawing on the hard won wisdom of almost two decades of battling with major and not-so-major labels, the band and the professional staff that run the day to day operations of the label, have overseen arguably the greatest success of the band's career: the release of its acclaimed and wildly popular album "Earth Rocker" in 2013. Two years later, Weathermaker Music is preparing for "Psychic Warfare", Clutch's forthcoming and highly anticipated new long player.

Jean Paul Gaster of Clutch and Weathermaker Music was kind enough to sit down with PARTY SMASHER INC to have an honest and eye opening conversation about the history of Weathermaker, the tough lessons the band has learned in its nearly quarter century career about surviving as working musicians, and the future of Clutch and this whole touring band thing.

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