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PARTY SMASHER INC supports and produces independent and alternative creation. It is a home, a source of inspiration, a catalyst, a resource.


PARTY SMASHER INC is driven by a team of notable creatives within a full spectrum of disciplines – art, music, design, fashion, engineering, innovation… – who have built up their career and reputation through alternative paths and severe workaholism.


We like DIY as much as massive success stories – especially those that break the rules.
We don’t judge books by the covers but by the passion, blood and sweat spots on the pages.
We don’t believe complaining about the system, the business, the crisis, or the scene will make artists' lives (or art) better.


We believe that understanding mutations and having a strong strategy is not selling your soul but giving your art the means to catchlight and your ambitions the power to become your living.

We will share insights, experience, and resources from the successful as well as errors, scars, and burns from the brave.


To build your own system. To Do-It-Yourself. To believe in your art. 
If PARTY SMASHER INC feels like home, you are probably already waving the flag.

This not about a style but about an attitude.

Get prepared for PARTY SMASHER INC.




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